Areas Of Focus

In addition to these areas of specialization, GSD has a number of qualified partners and a wide network of subject matter experts we can contact to provide additional services and expertise in other topics.

Areas Of Focus

Our research on victimization has included understanding victims' experiences of wrongful conviction, evaluating Statewide Automated Victim Notification (SAVIN) systems, and working closely with the Healing Justice Project.

Criminal Justice & Crime Prevention

We built our reputation on qualitative and quantitative criminal justice research efforts conducted for the DOJ's National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), non-profits such as Everytown for Gun Safety, and local and state agencies like the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance.

Vulnerable & Special Populations

GSD specializes in working with vulnerable and special populations -- whether those are victims of crime, Veterans, victims of manmade or natural disasters, or just populations that require particular expertise for research, like members of the Military, government officials, or law enforcement officers.

Offender Reentry & Reintegration

Our experience working with formerly incarcerated populations is a culmination of our expertise in other issues -- public policy, work with law enforcement, work with vulnerable and special populations, and extensive knowledge of crime, public safety, crime prevention, and criminal justice.

Law Enforcement

We've partnered with law enforcement agencies across the country to conduct research on topics like the use of body armor, the collection of crime data and statistics, officer safety and wellness, and civilians in law enforcement.

Sexual Assault Prevention

Much of our work on victimization has been focused on victims of crime and, in particular, victims of sexual assault or rape. We are experienced in working directly with crime victims and implement a trauma-informed approach.

Public Policy

Our expertise in social and public policy spans across elections and voting, jail and prison closures, behavioral health and law enforcement, and the effects of natural disasters on access to the legal system.

Public Health

Public health approaches like engaging social service agencies, community groups, and health practitioners can be used in a unique way to reduce violence by targeting at-risk youth and other populations to redirect violence to non-violent responses.

Prison and Correctional Facility Closures

One of GSD’s flagship initiatives is working to close and repurpose correctional facilities to turn them into career training centers that serve the local community. These projects are run by Jarred Williams, who is a pioneer in prison closure and repurposing.

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